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Having fun at the Birthday Party
Having fun at birthday party.
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Making your Birthday Party the best in 2022

Making your child the star of the show!

Every child has his or her own special day during the year, its there Birthday.  Birthdays are the most important day of the year because that’s the day they were born.  No matter the age, we all want to feel special.  Celebrating your child’s birthday with magic is a unique way of making memories to last a lifetime.  Still to this day, I remember when my parents bought me a magic set.  How excited I was to see the mysteries that were to unfold before me.

Booking my Magic show is simple and easy!

I bring everything needed to have a fun and exciting time. The kid will be amazed and mystified by the colorful props  and comedy routines.  My fun filled birthday magic show is completely self– contained and can be performed indoors or outside.  The show is designed with lots of audience participation and sometimes the magic happens in there hands. Having all there friends present to help share in the big day makes it extra special.

The birthday child will be the star of the show and will assist is several of the routines designed  for them to be the hit of the party.

You can be sure that Cecil Lewis is the right choice for you entertainment. Cecil is an multi-award winning professional magician with over 30 years of experience.

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Making your child the star of the show

Ropes pass through the body.
Magic Painting always a BIG hit at the Party

7 Mistakes on Planning a Children’s Birthday Party
and how to avoid them in 2022!

Hosting a children’s birthday party should be stress free, fun and enjoyable.  Preparing for this type of party can take some work. Here is a list of things to consider.

Budget: Cake, Food, Party favors and of course Great entertainment.

Theme: Will you have a theme or not. Themes may add to the cost of your party but they can be well worth it.  If boys and girls are both invited be sure that the theme is based on a general subject.  It goes without saying you don’t want to have boys at a girl’s princess themed birthday party.

Some great themes:   for girls a princess or tea party, for boys a pirate or transformers party.  Magic party, magic class or magic show will always work for boys, girls or when you have both.

Location: You can keep the cost down by having the party at your home.  If the number of guests you invite exceed the room you have at your home you will have to find a different venue.  A Pizza parlor comes to mind.  Most restaurants will allow you to use their party room for free if you purchase food. Having the party before or after lunch could save on food costs.

Weather: Indoors vs outdoors.  A sudden rain shower will ruin things in a hurry. When having the party at a park having a contingency plan, and communicating this to your guests ahead of time is important.

Party favors: Having party favors and or goody bags will make your event  festive and fun.  For a low cost solutions check out places like Party 101, Dollar Tree and the Display House.

Invitations:  Making sure that your guests will have plenty of time to plan to come to your party, send out your invitations out at least 12 days in advance.  Put out balloons and or a banner to mark the location of the party is a good idea.

Entertainment:  You should always have great entertainment! This is what the kids remember more than anything else.    You could even have a magic class.  When searching for enterttainment ask for references and make sure they are age appropriate.

When I can be of future help please call me at 208-755-0203.

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Cecil Lewis

P.S. Have fun at your next event.  Remember planning is the key to having your birthday party a success. Call today for information on creating the perfect Birthday party with Cecil’s Magic 208-755-0203

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