Want to be the hit of your next Party?

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Close-Up Magic

In Close-Up Magic, the performer performs for one person or a small group of people.

Strolling Magic

In Strolling Magic, the performer moves from group to group delighting the audience with his Magical skills.  Strolling Magic some times known as “walk a round” this is ideal at dinner parties, private or corporate events. Cecil will break the ice at your event.  Getting people involved is key, having the magic happen in there hands.

In both Strolling and Close-Up Magic, there is lots of Comedy and audience participation.  For both types, small props are used, props that have convenient portability.



Cabaret or Stand-Up Magic some times know as  Parlor Magic

This venue is usually performed on a stage, for larger audiences such as in a Night Club setting.  Because it is not as intimate as Close-Up or Strolling Magic.  The distant from the audience is a factor, thus larger props are necessary.

Parlor shows (performed mostly in homes) are for small gatherings. Smaller get together around 50 people. Cecil brings  illusions to this event making the show a more intimate setting with comedy and laughter.



Stage shows

This is Magic performed on a stage for larger audiences.  Here the Magician will use one or more assistants for pre-show set up of props and or help the Magician perform with him.  He more frequently will use props larger than those used for Cabaret Magic.  Larger venue with bigger Illusions and live animals.

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Corporate Magic

Also called “Trade Show Magic,” here the Magician is paid by a company or corporation to perform Magic that will gring attention to their product or services.  In this venue, the Magician can perform various types of Magic.



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